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My time spent working with CBE as an intern was truly a blessing. At CBE an intern is valued for both their gifting and potential, not merely their ability to fetch coffee. I got to work on projects I was passionate about with talented staff that continually inspired me to grow personally and professionally. For example, as an intern I wrote an article for CBE’s special edition academic journal released to ETS, wrote several profiles and articles for Women’s History Month, organized an international prayer walk, brought Philip Payne to Trinity Evangelical Divinity School to give the talk titled “How Complementarian is the Bible?”, connected CBE to new donors and speakers, created the theme for a CBE ETS journal, and much more.

Working at CBE was crucial in my decision to continue to passionately advocate for biblical equality professionally and the team helped develop and hone the skills I needed to communicate on the popular and academic level. I recommend working for CBE in any capacity to everyone who has a vision for gender equality. It will give you the experience needed in your field (which is imperative in this economy) and provide you with an opportunity to do more than believe in biblical equality. You will be furthering it.  



I would probably have left Christianity, but learning through CBE to read Scripture consistently brought me important spiritual healing at a critical moment.



My internship at CBE was, to use only one word, challenging. I was challenged to think differently about women in the church, home, and world. I was challenged to create innovative solutions to the problems I faced. I was challenged to identify my strengths and utilize them well as a team member.

If I felt moderately prepared for my post-university career before beginning my internship, I quickly discovered where I could learn and grow. CBE provided that opportunity.

In my three months as a CBE intern, I learned how to utilize programs and resources effectively. I developed my abilities, both as a writer and editor. But more importantly, I got the chance to join a team of people who genuinely care about how men and women live and serve together in this world. I spent a semester in an environment that recognized and celebrated my gifts and I got real, boots-on–the-ground experience in non-profit work. I became one of the lucky people who get to say, “I love what I do.”

I’m so grateful for the space CBE creates for students to thrive. I encourage all students interested in CBE’s mission to spend a semester learning alongside the CBE team.



I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the talented staff of CBE, including Mimi Haddad, Liz Beyer, and Tim Krueger. Like many people presently and for the past few decades, I have found CBE a key catalyst for Christ-centered change and connection with like-minded women and men, who are passionate about serving the church and the world and who have come to the realization that equality of women and men is integral to the message of the gospel. CBE has enabled me to integrate my deeply held love of Christ and my feminism. CBE has provided academically rigorous resources that show you can hold a high view of Scripture and also affirm women’s full equality in the church, home, and the world. As my research project on evangelical women theologians and the evangelical theological academy found, CBE’s work is both vital and integral to promoting women and men’s full partnership for the gospel both in North America and around the world. 



The moment I heard about CBE and their mission of pursuing gender justice in the home, church and world, I was intrigued. Growing up in Southern California culture while being raised in a strict Middle Eastern home made the whole gender topic very confusing for me because I didn’t understand my correct role in society and in my family. Attending CBE’s conference, and now interning for them, has given me the opportunity to learn more about gender justice and the tools to effectively pursue that mission.

Through this job, I acquired new skills and knowledge that I know will be beneficial for me in my future endeavors. The environment is very relaxed and positive. The staff at CBE were such a blessing to me and my time in Minnesota meant the world to me. Thank you, thank you!



Before starting my internship I was a little worried about meeting all the staff members, adapting to CBE’s work environment, and performing my job responsibilities at a high level. However, after working for CBE for almost a month, I felt comfortable with the position I am in, and enjoyed coming to work with all the friendly staff members. My experience interning at CBE was an amazing opportunity. I looked forward to helping out CBE’s mission and learning skills that will help me on my path to becoming an accountant.



The last few years I’ve been able to explore what it means to be an egalitarian Christian, a process that I’ve found extremely liberating. I admire the work that CBE is doing to bring this message of liberation around the world.