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CBE published resources

CBE recognizes how women’s equality reduces abuse, contributes to economic growth, and improves quality of life for everyone. Yet, because of the misinterpretation of a few Bible verses, the church too often stands in the way. CBE’s articles, books, and conferences have provided healing and hope for Christian women and men around the world for more than 30 years.

CBE publishes books that help families and churches thrive, promote the flourishing of women as equals, and prevent abuse:

  • Mutual by Design: A Better Model for Christian Marriage promotes healthy egalitarian marriages by answering tough questions, from “What does the Bible say about headship and submission” to “How do we cultivate a healthy sex life?” Chapters include resource recommendations, exercises, and practical discussion questions.

    “I became confused, frustrated and very discouraged as I attempted to conform to the ‘biblical’ image of a godly, silent wife. CBE resources rooted me in an unshakeable theology. CBE has strengthened my marriage.”

  • In Eyes to See and Ears to Hear Women, Christian scholars examine evangelical Christianity’s engagement with women, gender, sexuality, and abuse. They reveal startling connections between popular teachings on gender and the abuse crisis that has plagued society for centuries.

    “If we really want to dismantle abuse, we’ve got to drill down to the root…Patriarchy causes women to take the most vulnerable position, and it can quickly become dangerous.”

  • CBE is developing Created to Thrive, a comprehensive, Bible-based resource to empower church leaders and educators to address sexism, prevent abuse, and create communities that promote the equality of women. Look for publication in 2021.

    “The church needs both women and men in leadership, because the two genders complement each other’s ministry.”