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Want to learn more about the meaning of authentein (“to assume authority”) in Paul’s writings? Check out these resources to get started:

Popular articles

“Destructive Authority” by Mimi Haddad

“Moving Forward, Being Prepared, Giving Reasons” by Mimi Haddad

“Leadership Requires Character” by Mimi Haddad

Academic articles

“Exegetical Fallacies in Interpreting 1 Timothy 2:11–15: Evaluating the text with contextual, lexical, grammatical, and cultural information” by Linda L. Belleville

“First Timothy 2:12, the Ordination of Women, and Paul’s Use of Creation Narratives” by John Jefferson Davis

“Examining the Twelve Biblical Pillars of Male Hierarchy” by Phil Payne (see Pillar 3)

“Translating αὐθεντέω (authenteō) in 1 Timothy 2:12a” by Jamin Hübner