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Support CBE to proclaim our "daughters shall prophesy!" on Giving Tuesday now through Nov. 28.

Giving Tuesday is a time when people join forces to donate gifts that will significantly impact the lives of others.

During the month of November, your gift to CBE’s Giving Tuesday campaign will be used to promote CBE’s biblical message worldwide: that God created women and men to serve side by side, using their gifts for God’s glory and purposes (Genesis 1:26-31).

Our goal is to raise $120,000 by the end of Giving Tuesday, November 28, 2023. Without the generosity of donors like you, many would not know that mutuality–not sexism, abuse, or patriarchy–is God’s design for women and men worldwide.

Visit now to help us get closer to achieving this goal so we can continue proclaiming, like the prophet Joel did, that our “daughters shall prophesy!”

CBE’s work demonstrates that by exposing the inequities of women, communities change and grow opportunities for women. E.g., the Reformed Church in America now ordains women after a CBE member used online resources to leverage social change and theological education.

Every dollar donated will be matched up to $60,000!


Great things are happening because of this year’s CBE international conference in Brazil. A CBE WhatsApp group was created—the beginnings of a CBE chapter in Brazil. A seminary is interested in adapting their statement on women and church ministry to reflect CBE’s mission statement. The largest publishing house in Brazil (Thomas Nelson Brasil) published the first egalitarian resources in Brazilian Portuguese and will publish other egalitarian books in Brazilian Portuguese in the near future.

“What a blessing to become truly enlightened about the truth of the Scriptures.”


at CBE’s international conference in Brazil


Christian radio is open to CBE content more than ever before! In 2022, we began running “Women in Scripture and Mission” radio spots in Atlanta. These spots highlight these women and show that they were created in God’s image to share leadership with men. Now we are running these spots on Spanish radio and nationally on Sirius XM and the response has been overwhelming. We are reaching many more people in English and Spanish with the message that God gifts women to lead! Eighty percent of those looking for more information and visiting our web page are new to CBE. We would like to start running these spots in Denver before and during the conference to introduce CBE and women in Scripture to the people in Colorado.


This past year, translations of texts from Titus and 1 Peter were completed by our international team of Bible scholars. CBE’s Bible team is translating 500-plus Bible verses (nearly seventy different passages) to correct flawed translations that demean women and foster abuse. Only two more passages need to be translated. CBE will publish these translations for English Bible readers and Bible translation teams alike. A final draft of the commentary’s introduction and a first draft of the commentary on all texts from the Torah, Gospels, Acts, and Paul’s letters have been written. Hear more about CBE’s translations on our podcast Mutuality Matters through the theme: “Women & Words: Why Bible Translation Matters”.

Together we can use projects like these to impact more people, more cultures, and more generations with the transforming message that God calls his daughters to prophesy too!

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