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How do I join CBE and how much does it cost?

1. Choose your membership customization:

  • Individual: 1 or 3 year options; all membership benefits included
  • Household: 1 or 3 year options; everyone in the household receives membership discounts
  • Electronic: 1 year only; accesses publications online only, not in print
  • Low Income: 1 year only; available to those with an annual household income of less than $25,000 in US dollars
Membership Prices
 United States3 Years1 Year
 Low IncomeN/A$28
 International (US Dollars)3 Years1 Year
 Low IncomeN/A$38

2. Choose your method of payment:

How do I give memberships to friends and family?

Gift memberships are available for you to purchase for friends and families. Visit the CBE Bookstore to choose the kind of membership you would like to give and mark the checkbox asking if it is a gift membership. When checking out, enter the gift recipient’s information in the Customer Notes section.

Feel free to call us at 612-872-6898 with questions. You can give non-membership gift subscriptions too!

What are electronic memberships or e-memberships?

E-members join CBE at a low cost ($30 a year) and do not receive print versions of our publications. Instead, they access PDF issues of Mutuality and Priscilla Papers at their convenience on our members only webpage. E-members receive a password and correspondence from CBE exclusively through email, so e-members are required to provide a working email address. All other member benefits apply to e-members.

Please note that PDF issues are not emailed to e-members when the issues become available; e-memberships are entirely self-directed.

Become an E-member Now!

Are scholarships available for those who cannot afford membership?

Yes! CBE has many supportive donors who help provide funds for those who cannot afford to pay for their membership. Please fill out a scholarship application form and return it to us by mail, fax, or email. All scholarships will be distributed according to need and desire.

Download a Scholarship Application Form (PDF)

What are automatic renewals?

CBE offers an automatic renewal program, designed to make membership more convenient for dedicated CBE friends like you.

Automatic renewals save postage, paper, and time, and ensure that you will never miss an issue of our publications. You are welcome to cancel at any time. And your automatic renewal helps CBE better plan for the future, knowing we can count on your annual support through membership!

It’s easy to sign up:

  • Online: Simply check the box “Renew my Membership Automically” on the membership product page before placing your CBE Bookstore order. CBE will keep your provided membership customization and payment information on file.
  • Mail or Fax: Print and complete a Membership Application Form (PDF) and send it to us. Be sure to check the “Automatic Renewal” box.

Once you’re signed up:

  • CBE will send you an email one month before your membership is set to expire, reminding you we will process your renewal and asking for any updated information.
  • One week later, CBE will renew your membership and send you confirmation.

Can I subscribe to CBE publications without being a member?

Yes! Individuals and libraries may subscribe to both Mutuality and Priscilla Papers without becoming members. A subscription to one publication includes a free subscription to the other.

Visit our Subscriptions Page