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“We spoke to a woman who was very interested in (CBE) materials because her 4-year-old daughter was recently told that she could not pray aloud in Sunday school class. Only boys could lead the class in prayer. In her church only men can pray in the gathering so I guess they are setting the expectations of the little girls early.”
—CBE Events Booth Volunteer


CBE engages the leadership of denominations, seminaries, universities, NGOs, and other organizations worldwide, advocating for the biblical truth that women must serve as God calls. CBE produces and distributes the award-winning academic journal, Priscilla Papers, as well as special edition journals customized for academic and pastoral audiences, attends Christian conferences, and partners with seminaries and universities.

Globally, translations of key resources are available in over 30 languages—CBE provides translation downloads free of charge!


“I have learned more from CBE resources about this topic more than any other entity in North America.”
—Anne Zaki, Professor at the Evangelical Theological Seminary, Cairo, Egypt and are hubs for cutting-edge, Bible-based egalitarian resources that serve an expanding global community. Raising $10,000 will help CBE produce more resources and keep up with technology.