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Person Category: Artist

Corrie Gustafson

Corrie Gustafson is an ordained minister with the Evangelical Covenant Church and currently serves as the pastor to women at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo

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Dennis J. Preato

Dennis J. Preato, Master of Divinity, magna com laude, is a graduate of Bethel Seminary San Diego. He is the author of “A Female Apostle:

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Trevor Sykes

Trevor Sykes and his wife Liz have been involved in Christian ministry in Perth, Western Australia, for 35 years. He is retired from paid ministry

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Cara Quinn

Cara Quinn runs Know Your Mothers, a project that seeks to empower women in the church with the buried stories of women from the past.

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Bette Dickinson

Bette Dickinson is a prophetic artist, writer, and speaker who invites audiences to connect with God through visual parables of the spiritual journey in her

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