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Shaun Short

I was born in South Africa and was raised by my single mother and grandmother, Godly women who during my early years selflessly poured their lives into mine. At age eleven a strangely accented man entered our lives and changed them forever. My step father hails from Ohio and he quickly became every bit the father I had never had. I left my South African homeland after high school and came to the States to pursue . . . well to pursue the next steps of my life. Always redemptive, God restored to me things I had lost in my faith and helped me to see the paths I had so long neglected. After marrying my beloved wife, the absolute gem of my life, I took up the call to study God’s word further. So here I find myself now, seeking to complete a Masters of Theological Studies by 2015 at George Fox Seminary in Portland, OR. During my studies God has opened up my heart to the biblical, ecclesiastical and social role of women and it has become a great passion of mine to advocate for the equality of women in all these environs. I am very proud and happy to be a part of this like-minded and excellent community.

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