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Nate Pyle

Nate is an author, blogger and ordained pastor in the Reformed Church of America. He serves as the pastor of Christ’s Community Church in Fishers, Indiana where he lives with his wife and son.

Never imagining himself to be a writer, Nate began blogging in 2011 to gain clarity around his own thinking on various topics, especially leadership and church. Quickly, Nate realized he was a unique voice in the blogosphere. Rooted deeply in Reformed theology, Nate’s writing is laced with nuance and a pastoral posture that is markedly different than the major Reformed voices in the blogging circles. In a world defined by extremes, Nate is a refreshing voice that walks the fine line between extremes.

Nate is a life-long learner, avid outdoorsman, wanna-be athlete, and a frustrated downhill skier living in Indiana. You can connect with him at www.natepyle.com.

Biography and photo from Amazon.com.

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