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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Summer 2023

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Cover of the Summer 2023 issue of Mutuality: Women and the Church.

Summer 2023

Volume: 30 | Number: 2

Women and the Church

In this issue of Mutuality, we dig into the subject of women’s equality within the church. 


“It’s too bad you’re a woman.”
By: Carrie Silveira | June 5, 2023
This issue helps you to reflect on your relationship to the church and the ways in which we can support all members of the body.

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Becoming a Learning Church – For Women, Too
By: Neil Rees | June 5, 2023
The church is a place for all members of the body to grow in their gifts and callings, but this requires deliberate steps to address gender imbalance and make the church a safe place of growth for both women and men.

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Advocating for Women's Equality in your Complementarian Church
By: Ariel Stephens | June 5, 2023
Small changes can build up over time to create an environment that advocates for women’s equality within the church.

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Not Neutral: How Gender Hierarchy Harms Women in the Church
By: Gertrude Osei Tutu | June 5, 2023
Research shows that gender hierarchy within the church is harmful both to its members and to the local community.

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Shaped: What Survivor’s Journeys Can Teach Us About Leading With Resilience, Courage And Truth
By: Claire Roster | June 5, 2023
Recognizing and naming truth can be painful but the road it takes us down can create exactly the kind of advocates the church needs.

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How to Find a Church that Empowers Women
By: Ruth Martin | June 5, 2023
Finding a new church home can be a challenging process; how can you determine whether a church will support and empower women? These tips and suggestions will help guide you in your search.

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Women: Men’s Genuine Partners
By: Mimi Haddad | June 5, 2023
The genuine partnerships of women and men working side by side as evangelists, house-church planters, apostles, missionaries, Bible translators, and more comprise a Christ-follower revolution that transformed the most brutal superpower in history—Rome.

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