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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Spring 2023

The print + digital magazine of CBE International

Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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The opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of CBE International or its members.

Cover of Spring 2023 Issue of Mutuality

Spring 2023

Volume: 30 | Number: 1

Women's Equality in the Home

In this issue of Mutuality, we dig into the subject of women’s equality within the home


Embrace Biblical Women's Equality to Improve the Daily Life of Your Marriage
By: Sarabeth Ng | February 27, 2023
The authors in this issue help us answer the question, What does it look like for women and men “to share authority equally in service and leadership in the home”? 

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Do We Want Sameness or Equality in Our Homes?
By: Ilana Reimer | February 27, 2023
Equality as sameness is a narrow binary that doesn’t get at the heart of the problems it seeks to overcome.

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But Who Makes the  Final Decision?
By: Kara Angus | February 27, 2023
The practical implications of a marriage where both the husband and wife share leadership and decision-making responsibility.

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Paying Attention to Fatherhood: Why I Stepped Down from  Pastoral Ministry
By: Touger Thao | March 5, 2017
For too long, I’ve made excuses for not being present and for being less than a full partner in the life of my family. To be a father means to not just hope for a world where my wife and daughters can flourish; it means helping to bring that world into being.

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How the New Testament Turned Marriage in the Ancient World on Its “Head”
By: Scott Goode | February 27, 2023
What if Paul was writing not to redeem patriarchy but to overthrow it?

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Caregiving and Gender Equity in Interabled Relationships
By: Kailey Bradley | February 27, 2023
Hierarchical, patriarchal models of marriage don’t account for how human bodies work, slow down, ache, bend, and break.

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A Single Testimony Changes Generations
By: Natasha Sistrunk Robinson | June 5, 2015
It is true, we become like what we see. Growing up, what I saw was my mother, Sallie. She worked hard and gave everything she could so my sister and I had opportunities to thrive. She served in the church and in the community. She loved family and was always hospitable to strangers. She was [...]

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Christian Marriages through Time: A Brief Historical Review
By: Mimi Haddad | February 27, 2023
Take a quick flight over history to observe how couples have transcended cultural expectations in following Christ.

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