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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Spring 1997

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

Academic Journals

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Priscilla Papers Spring 1997 Volume 11 Issue 2

Spring 1997

Volume: 11 | Number: 2

The Promise Keepers

This issue features several articles that examine the men’s Christian group, The Promise Keepers.


Women Keep Promises, Too! Or, Christian Life is for Both Men and Women
Perhaps we ought to express amazement not only at the size and success of Promise Keepers, but also that the idea of someone keeping his promises should be considered so revolutionary as to start a movement! Perhaps we should pause to ponder what kind of church we have become, now that many Christian men [...]

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Promise Keepers and the Third Wall
By: Austin H. Stouffer | April 30, 1997
Promise Keepers, I beg of you: Seriously, biblically, prayerfully, consider the unprecedented impact your organization could have in tearing down this remaining wall: gender inequality.

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The Direction of Promise Keepers: A Response to Papers on
By: Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen | April 30, 1997
Much of my research is aimed at addressing a central question: Is Promise Keepers anti-feminist?

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Promise Keepers: A Volunteer's Perspective
By: Faith Martin | April 30, 1997
“Why don’t you attend as a volunteer, and then we can observe the rally from different angles.” This was Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen’s suggestion. She was coming to Pittsburgh to report for Books and Culture on the 1996 Promise Keepers’ rally to be held at Three Rivers Stadium. Mary would be there in an [...]

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From the Trenches: Promise Keepers as an Example of Category-Specific Discipleship
By: Susan Finck-Lockhart | April 30, 1997
If Promise Keepers is a part of God’s strategy to unite his Body across racial and denominational differences and to bring his revival to our nation, then some challenging questions are: How can we as biblical feminists join with God through our view of Promise Keepers, our intercession on their behalf, and what we [...]

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Defining the New Christian Man
By: William H. Lockhart | April 30, 1997
As the role of men in families is debated in America, since 1991 the rapidly expanding evangelical (Promise Keepers) men’s movement has sponsored conferences filling major sports stadiums. Christian bookstores are creating new “men’s" sections for the many new books on masculinity being produced by most of the conservative Protestant publishing houses. A survey [...]

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Servanthood or Soft Patriarchy? A Christian Feminist Looks at the Promise Keepers Movement
By: Mary Stewart Van Leeuwen | April 30, 1997
Promise Keepers has so far embraced a rhetoric of both servanthood and soft patriarchy, a position ambiguous enough to make Christian feminists of both sexes push them for greater clarity. “Promise Keepers will have to walk a narrow line,” writes seminary professor Howard Snyder, “calling for male leadership without putting down the leadership of women.”

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Masculinity in Crisis: Remaining Biblical in a Changing World
By: Kaye V. Cook, Howard E. Frost | April 30, 1997
For men to move from an identity-fixed to an identity-flexible gender-role model, from macho to mature, from a career-centered to holistic self-definition, from “safe” to sharing friendships, from “give 'em hell” to nurturance and caring, is not easy. The realization that God calls us into relationship with one another, however, should challenge Christian men to [...]

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Equality of Sexes in Marriage: Exposition of the Song of Songs
By: Arthur H. Lewis | April 30, 1997
The Hebrew view of marital sex, in contrast with Neoplatonism and early church, was not celibate. The Jews were never prudish about sex. The best evidence of this is the high place Solomon's Song of Songs, an ancient collection of poems on courtship and love, holds in the canon of Hebrew Scripture and in the [...]

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What Does She Want From Me Anyway? Honest Answers to the Questions Men Ask About Women
By: James R. Beck | March 5, 1997
Holly Phillips has written her book from the heart of the Promise Keepers movement (literally and figuratively). Holly is the wife of founding president Randy Phillips, has been a PK staff member from its early days, and was the first woman to address a PK rally. Her book gives us a fascinating glimpse into the [...]

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