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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Autumn 1999

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

Academic Journals

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Priscilla Papers Autumn 1999 Volume 13 Issue 4

Autumn 1999

Volume: 13 | Number: 4

Marriage and Divorce

This issue looks at the role of scripture in response to marriage and divorce.


Baal in Your Home
By: Kuruvilla Chandy | October 31, 1999
If you are a conservative Christian, you may be worshipping at the altar of Baal. A conservative is anyone who wants to preserve the existing social order. While a conservative Christian may identify himself or herself as one who safeguards the orthodoxy of Christian doctrine, often there is also blind allegiance to customs having no [...]

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Why I Didn’t Sign The Southern Baptist Family Statement
By: Alan Brehm | October 31, 1999
What I am against is the disgusting and deceptive way that some use the Bible to oppress and manipulate faithful, honest church folks. The SBC’s recent “statement on the family,” which faculty members at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary were asked to sign, presents a case in point.

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Dear Woman—Love, Man
By: Roger Mitchell | October 31, 1999
While we Christians tend to masculinize the Creator— after all, the Scriptures are written by men and refer extensively to God in masculine language—still, here and there are traditionally feminine characteristics ascribed to God (cf. Mt 23:37; Ps 91:4).

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Divorce as a Justice Issue
By: Craig Keener | October 31, 1999
In Jesus’ day some Pharisees allowed husbands to divorce their wives for almost any reason, but the law did not permit wives to divorce their husbands. The wife had no legal recourse to prevent the divorce. In a society where only men received fair pay for their work, divorce put women at a severe economic [...]

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The Biblical Option of Divorce
By: Catherine Clark Kroeger | October 31, 1999
When we tell a woman that the Lord hates divorce, why do we fail to add that the same verse declares God’s hatred of violence? “I hate divorce,” says the Lord God of Israel, “and I hate a man’s covering his wife with violence as well as with his garment,” says the [...]

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