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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Winter 2002

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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2002 Winter Mutuality Cover

Winter 2002

Volume: 9 | Number: 4

Worldwide Suffering of Women


A Painful Issue
By: Joanne Nystrom Janssen | December 5, 2002
The reality is overwhelming: women are suffering appalling abuses and tragic deaths around the world. But we don’t want to avoid this truth because it’s uncomfortable; noticing and identifying with this pain is important for Christians.

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The Worldwide Suffering of Women
By: Shari M. Kelly | December 6, 2002
It reads like a tragic novel: Nearly two-thirds of the world’s 876 million illiterate adults are women. Approximately 6,000 girls are subjected to female genital mutilation each day, and 30% of girls subjected to its most radical form die from the effects. Four million women are sold each year as slaves. In sub-Saharan Africa, 55% of [...]

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Africa Battles AIDS and Inequality
By: Camilla Swain | December 5, 2002
Dr. Emily Obwaka, a graduate of the University of Nairobi, has worked in a variety of humanitarian and health service settings including with John Hopkins University. Recently, Obwaka has been set free to more fully follow her heartbeat of service to God and to the women of Africa.

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Growth Around the Globe: International Members Encourage Equality
By: Harriet Sider Bicksler | December 5, 2002
In many countries around the world, men and women are said to be equal in all sectors of society. The reality, however, is often very different — male dominance often persists in the church and home, with women devalued and expected to unilaterally submit to men. Yet there is hope for women, in part because people [...]

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Six Gifts Women Bring to the Church
By: Nancy R. Heisey | December 5, 2002
As with the stories of many other biblical women and churchwomen throughout the centuries, in Hagar we can glimpse some of the gifts that women offer to the church and to the world.

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Feeling Pain in the Body of Christ
By: Mimi Haddad | December 5, 2002
History teaches us that failure to recognize and empathize with suffering is dangerous physically and spiritually. I wonder if something similar has happened in the body of Christ. Part of the body is hurting, but needed change is not being made.

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Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges with Muslim Women
By: Shirley L. Barron | December 5, 2002
Daughters of Islam: Building Bridges with Muslim Women is a wonderfully relevant book for Christians who have little knowledge of Islam or the people who subscribe to it. This book helps readers peer into the hearts of Muslim women, to perceive what they feel and think, and to understand how they live.

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