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Mutuality | Blog + Magazine | Winter 2005

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Mutuality offers articles from diverse writers who share egalitarian theology and explore its intersection with everyday life.

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Winter 2005

Volume: 12 | Number: 3

Forgiveness & Healing

Interceding for others’ sin and mediating forgiveness is a priestly responsibility, and whenever we forgive others, we are serving as priests whether our particular denomination recognizes our ordination to this role or not.


By: JoAnn Streeter Shade | December 5, 2005
Harriet had conscientiously served the ministry’s leaders, Rev. and Mrs. Smith, for twenty-five years. The Smiths were a godly couple, and their work for the Kingdom had flourished over the years. Theirs was a model of a faithful marriage, and they were seen as blessed by God.

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The Long Walk for South African Women
By: Winnie V. Williams | December 5, 2005
In addition to the ethnic, gender, and economic inequalities that have afflicted black South African women past the end of Apartheid in 1994, the plague of HIV/AIDS has added a new dimension to their struggle.

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Honey from the Rock
By: Janet O. Hagberg | December 5, 2005
As a spiritual director, I recommend to people who are trying to heal childhood religious experiences that they return to the scene of the crime and forgive people for what happened. Little did I know that I had another important step in my own process of forgiving people for my childhood religious experiences.

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Buckets of Love
By: Lois Malcolm | December 5, 2005
I’ve always been puzzled by forgiveness. With little experience of God’s power to renew and heal — but a lot of “shoulds” in my head about how I needed to be a loving person.

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Letting Go of the Railing
By: Sandra Dufield | December 5, 2005
Going down the stairs on that last day, I intentionally kept my hand on the rail, trying to burn the memory of its feel in my mind. This would be the last time I would ever go down these stairs — the last time I would touch this railing.

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What Can be Good about Reporting Bad News?
By: Martha Thorson | December 5, 2005
Forgiveness is at the heart of the good news of the gospel, isn’t it? Last summer I took a Bible class called, “What’s Good About This News?” because I liked the positive emphasis. 

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The Greatest Work of All
By: Chelsea DeArmond | December 5, 2005
The articles in this issue of Mutuality offer insight on the nature of forgiveness and healing, as well as examples of how to practice it faithfully.

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Egalitarian Prophets in the Church
By: Mimi Haddad | December 20, 2023
History shows the importance of prophetic voices in our midst, and ongoing discussion is necessary for authentic unity.

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