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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Winter 2012

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

Academic Journals

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Ideas have Consequences

Winter 2012

Volume: 26 | Number: 1

Ideas Have Consequences

In this issue of Priscilla Papers, we examine issues of gender within the struggle for mutual freedom against varying degrees of repression and exploitation.


Editor's Reflections | Winter 2012 (26.1)
By: William David Spencer | January 30, 2012
The recent premiere of news writer Emilio Herasme’s documentary La 40: Peor que el Infierno celebrates the memory of the Dominican Republic’s national heroes: Minerva, Patria, and María Teresa Mirabal. These three sisters stood up against the brutality of the dictator Rafael Trujillo at the cost of condemning themselves to execution [...]

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The Cost of War for Women
By: Médine Moussounga Keener | January 30, 2012
Africa has been the theater of many wars in the past decades, and the Congos are no exception. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Congo Brazzaville have been in war both simultaneously and at different times. Even though the DRC has garnered most of the publicity in the West because of its size, the [...]

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Women's Participation in Community-Based Organizations' Development as a Strategy for Poverty Reduction in Kenya
By: Zablon Bundi Mutongu | January 30, 2012
Women’s participation in development and leadership is not an imposition of our times. It is as old as creation itself. In the biblical accounts of creation (Gen 1:26), the command of God to steward the earth is given to both women and men, meaning that they are both to take leadership in overseeing the wellbeing [...]

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Ideas Have Consequences
By: Mimi Haddad | January 30, 2012
The most prominent indicator of whether a girl will be sold to a brothel, killed as a fetus, abused in her marriage or family, or denied a place of decision making in her church, community, or marriage is not based on her gender, but the value ascribed to the female gender.

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Common Wedding Colors
By: Joel Boehner | January 30, 2012
Another white bread and red wine wedding walks the well-worn path down the white petal-softened red carpet aisle.

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Book Review: Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn's Half the Sky
By: John DelHousaye | January 31, 2012
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide is intended for a broad readership with the aim of uniting those who might otherwise be divided because of their religious and political convictions. The authors, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, were the first married couple to win a Pulitzer Prize in journalism on [...]

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Book Review: Carolyn Custis James's Half the Church
By: Cynthia Davis Lathrop | January 31, 2012
In this, her fourth book, Half the Church, James writes with passion and intensity to encourage women to fulfill God's call on their lives. She says that women make up at least half the church; in fact, she says that women make up 80 percent of the church in China and about 90 percent in Japan (27). [...]

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Book Review: Mae Elise Cannon's Social Justice Handbook
By: Chip M. Anderson | January 31, 2012
In the Social Justice Handbook, I identified with the passion Cannon has for social justice and the burden she has for drawing others to engage in compassion and action to address the issues and causes of injustice and poverty. Cannon succeeds in connecting her readers to issues of social justice, providing them with resources [...]

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