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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Winter 2019

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

Academic Journals

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Marriage and Sexuality

Winter 2019

Volume: 33 | Number: 1

Marriage and Sexuality

In this issue, authors examine marriage and sexuality, biblical and contemporary, from an egalitarian viewpoint.


Editors Reflections: Winter 2019
By: Jeff Miller | January 28, 2019
This issue of Priscilla Papers opens with a sermon by Tracey Stringer, Pastor of Spiritual Formation at New City Church of Los Angeles. It is a Mother’s Day sermon, and we have printed it here so it will be available in time for Mother’s Day.

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Hannah: More than a Mother
By: Tracey Stringer | January 28, 2019
As we walk with Hannah, we see how she encounters and discovers who God says she is. This is a message not just for moms, but for all of us. Every day of our lives, we are asked to fit into a certain shape, but we don’t always fit the mold.

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Preparing for Equality: Perspectives on Christian Marriage
By: Laura Schilperoort | January 28, 2019
Two competing visions—egalitarianism and complementarianism—are embedded within Christian pre-marriage counselling. This article examines how differing interpretations of Scripture shape marriage advice.

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Early Christianity's Concept of Sexuality
By: April Kelly | January 28, 2019
The church of the first five centuries helped define women’s sense of self, integrating their understanding of sexuality and marriage with the redemptive work of Christ, thus encouraging them to contribute to the work of the church.

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The Nashville Statement: A Critical Review
By: Jamin Hübner | January 30, 2019
With the publication of the Nashville Statement, the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood sought to set out the Christian stance on human identity. This article offers an analysis to shine a brighter light on this controversial topic.

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