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Priscilla Papers | Academic Journal | Winter 2016

An interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic journal exploring Bible interpretation, theology, church history, and other disciplines as they address a biblical view of women’s equality and justice in the home, church, and world.

"Priscilla and Aquila instructed Apollos more perfectly in the way of the Lord." (Acts 18:26)

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Winter 2016

Volume: 30 | Number: 1


The theme of this issue of Priscilla Papers is “Marriage.” Articles explore several issues related to Christian marriage in a global context, including dowry, New Testament household codes, and the Trinity.


Editor's Reflections | Winter 2016 (30.1)
By: Jeff Miller | January 31, 2016
This issue of Priscilla Papers begins the journal’s thirtieth year! The first issue, winter of 1987, opened with an article by Kari Torjesen Malcolm. Additional authors included Alvera Mickelsen and Catherine Clark Kroeger, CBE’s founding president. Other early leaders of CBE included James Alsdurf, James Beck, Gilbert Bilezikian, Diane Chynoweth, Betty Elliott, [...]

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The Negative Consequences of Dowry Payment on Women and Society
By: Emily Onyango | January 31, 2016
Dowry, or bride-wealth payment, is a widespread practice in many African societies. In traditional African societies bride-wealth had some positive aspects but mostly negative consequences, for it stands at the foundation of patriarchy. In traditional African societies, bride-wealth was related to goods and services that a bridegroom and his kinsmen transferred to the family of [...]

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Veronica’s Story: Implications of Dowry on Burial Disputes
By: Charles A. O. Oduke | January 31, 2016
This article is a philosophical reflection on dowry and how it bears on burial disputes among the Luo people of East Africa. Part one offers preliminary remarks to convey my position on dowry. Part two describes the implications of dowry on the burial dispute of a Luo woman named Veronica, as a way of illustrating [...]

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Woman’s Role in New Testament Household Codes: Transforming First-Century Roman Culture
By: Shi-Min Lu | January 30, 2016
The NT household codes’ treatment of women is one of the key elements conveying the love and grace of the gospel, contrasting with the patriarchal hierarchy dominating the first-century Greco-Roman world. As Christian women bore witness in their daily lives, transformation began throughout the social structure.

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Marriage, Singleness, and the Family (of God)
By: David C. Cramer | January 31, 2016
The perception in evangelical church culture persists that one of our primary goals as a church is to create good, healthy, safe, Christian families. Sure, we might have singles’ ministries in our churches, but even those are usually designed to help singles meet each other! It is no small secret that the ultimate goal of [...]

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An Extended Review of One God in Three Persons: Unity of Essence, Distinction of Persons, Implications for Life
By: Kevin Giles | January 31, 2016
Wayne Grudem says that for twenty-five years he has believed that how the Trinity is understood “may well turn out to be the most decisive factor in finally deciding” the bitter debate between evangelicals about the status and ministry of women. This is encouraging to hear, because Grudem and many of his fellow complementarians have [...]

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