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Event Category: CBE President's Speaking Engagements

Denver Seminary

Mimi Haddad presented “Opposing a Patriarchal Hermeneutic: Essential or Extraneous to Dismantling the Global Sex Trade? Voices from the Past Inform Today’s Humanitarian Efforts” at

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Vanguard University

Mimi Haddad presented “Is Women’s Leadership a Primary Issue? Insights from Early Evangelicals” at Vanguard University. 

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Bethel Seminary West

Mimi Haddad presented “Why Women’s Leadership is a Primary Issue: Wisdom from the Early Evangelicals” at Bethel Seminary West.

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Greater Chicago Area Chapter

Mimi Haddad presented “Who is Tampering with a Christian Worldview: How the Early Evangelicals Challenged Gender Bias in their Work to Free Sex-Slaves” for the

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