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Women in History and Theology

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Dr. Mimi Haddad, president of CBE, will be teaching “Women in History and Theology” at the Zinzendorf School of Doctoral Studies, Olivet University Women in History and Theology, from Nov 7-12th,  2016. This course is an introduction to the leadership, theological contributions and experiences of women from the Old Testament period through the twentieth century. In each era, we will also consider the historical, theological and philosophical assumptions and events that supported, or more often, limited the fullest participation of women’s gifts and leadership in church and religious life. As church continues to consider the scope of service and leadership open to women in the church and marriage, this course will explore the significance gender has played in shaping theology, ministry and Christian life. Readings, class discussion, multi-media and assignments will enable students to critique the significance of gender in the life of the church today. For more information contact http://www.olivetuniversity.edu/zinzendorf/