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SheLeads Summit 2018: ChurchTogether

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From the event website:

“The world has an old, painful story about men and women. This year the #metoo moment brought to light some of the most disturbing parts of the story and the #churchtoo moment forced us to confront how much the brokenness of the world has entered the Church. This broken story is deeply painful on a personal and communal level.

It’s easy to believe we’ll never overcome the brokenness.

But this is not how God sees our story.

It’s time to name and lament how the world’s story has limited the Church’s imagination. And it’s also time to tell a better story. God is weaving a restoration project in us as individuals and as a body. It will give us a better story to tell the world.

On November 10 we’re gathering folks who both know the brokenness and have better stories to tell. Won’t you join us to hear their stories and share your own?”

CBE International will be sponsoring three venues and one viewing party across the United States! Please look for us at the following locations:

Viewing Party:

Seneca Creek Community Church, Washington DC
Host: Jeannette Cochran of the CBE Greater DC Chapter.

Regional Venues:

Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, MO

Bethel Seminary, St. Paul, MN (CBE Staff will be attending!)

Alliance Theological Seminary, Manhattan, NY

For more information, please visit the ChurchTogether website: