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PBA Graduate Chapel: “Gal 3:28: The Dignity & Power of Christ’s New Creation”


Christians are Christ’s New Creation. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, believe are being remade in the image of Christ. As part of our sanctification—our newness—the Holy Spirit cleans up our lives in powerful ways. While this process is arduous, we are called to walk in newness of life in confronting our sins, prejudices and unethical treatment of others. In fact, as the Holy Spirit works in our lives, our lives become more closely aligned with biblical standards rather than culture ones. This conversation will consider the transformation of the Apostle Paul after his encounter with Christ on the road to Damascus. Paul’s newness of life was astonishing, in that he became an apostle not only of the Jew, the free and males, but he also ministered beside Greeks, slaves and women. In doing so, he created a new Christian culture that centered not ethnicity, class or gender, but on newness of life in Jesus. 


This event is only open to Graduate School of Ministry students at PBA.