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Evangelicals and Gender at ETS – Thursday

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8:30 am11:40 am | Omni-Providence I

Evangelicals and Gender

Moderator: Cynthia Long Westfall

8:30 am9:10 am 
J. Alan Branch (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Gender Reassignment Surgery and Christian Ethics: A Brief Summary and Critique

9:20 am10:00 am 
June Yang (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary)
Revisiting “The Image of God”: Genesis 1:26-27 and Its Implication for the Concept of Gender

10:10 am10:50 am
Timothy Foster (Ridley College, Melbourne)
Smell the Sulphur: 1 Timothy 2:13-15 as Analogy

11:00 am11:40 am
Mimi Haddad (Fuller/CBE)
A Trail of Translation Error: How Katharine Bushnell Challenged Distorted Bible Translations