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Several months ago, I was invited to preach on Ephesians 5:21–6:9. I was thrilled—finally, there’d be a sermon on this passage that I actually approved of, even if I had to be the one to give it (public speaking is not my thing). Read more
It will come as no surprise to you that I have never preached on this text before. And to be honest, I can tell you that I never thought I would. Of course, I also never thought I’d preach on the text from 1 Timothy that tells women to be silent in church, but I did that several years ago in California. I am either brave or foolhardy—perhaps a bit of both. Read more
Some of us come from traditions where you don’t ask questions of the text. If the Bible says it, you believe it. If you ask questions, that means you are questioning God, and that’s not allowed. So I would imagine that as we continue in the series, you might feel fear, and you might have questions that you’ve never thought to ask before, and that’s okay. I invite you to engage that. That’s part of the beauty of following Jesus together. Read more
Each of us has been given spiritual gifts, and each of us has a special calling (or perhaps several callings) throughout our lives. These gifts and callings are hand-selected by God, for you, to bless his church and impact the world around you. Yet sometimes, even with this knowledge, we can experience a spirit of fear regarding what God has called us to do. Read more
These are the days of Rebekah,Who trusted the word of the Lord.And these are the days of your servant Deborah,Who led forth your people in war. These are the days of Queen Esther,Who rescued God’s people through faith.And these are the days of your prophet Huldah,Who renewed the temple of praise. Read more
This is the third in our sermon series called “Breaking the Silence,” where we’ve talked about some hard issues, such as mental health, suicide, and now, domestic violence. These three things are somewhat interconnected, and one thing they have in common is that they cross racial, gender, and socioeconomic lines. You can’t look at someone and know “there’s someone struggling with mental health” or “there’s somebody struggling with domestic violence.” Read more
On July 12, Alvera Mickelsen died peacefully in Saint Paul, MN at the age of ninety-seven. A founder of CBE and its first board chair, Alvera was a prophetic theologian and gracious ambassador of biblical gender equality. Read more
Sometime before my wife and I started dating, we had our first argument. We’d attended an open mic event together at our Christian university, where students of color had shared their stories of pain and oppression. I left feeling annoyed. Read more
Often, those outside of the social justice activist community can feel overwhelmed by the concepts and terminology of justice work. Many Christians want to understand these terms and concepts so they can do justice well in their communities and in the world. In that vein, here is a short introduction to some key justice terms and concepts to help Christians think critically about what justice is and how it ought to look in action. Read more
I self-identify as a womanist biblical scholar who performs biblical interpretation from a womanist perspective. A womanist perspective unapologetically prioritizes black women's experiences, voices, traditions, artifacts, and concerns as legitimate sources of dialogue and knowledge. A womanist perspective provides an intentional and contextual frame of reference for biblical interpretation that is relevant for black women, the black community, and/or the most marginalized in the world. Read more