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Ideas Have Consequences

By: CBE International | January 1, 2012

This journal is designed to affirm Paul’s vision. The articles challenge us to examine our deeply-held convictions about women, many of which we believe are scriptural but are in fact incongruent with the kingdom of God as described by Jesus.

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The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking (Part 3)

By: Boaz Johnson | December 14, 2011

This is the third and final article of a series on human trafficking. Click for Part One and Part Two. The New Testament has many examples regarding the restoration of women to a place of honor. The narrative of the life of Jesus in Matthew poignantly begins with underlining the lives of five women: Tamar (Gen. 38); Rahab [...]

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The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking (Part 2)

By: Boaz Johnson | December 7, 2011

Part Two is a continuation of last week’s blog column on human trafficking. The Bible carries the idea of a strong woman throughout the canonical text. The highpoint is found in the closing section of the Hebrew Bible, which is called “The Hebrew Writings.” This section consists of the following books, in this order: Psalms, Proverbs, Job, [...]

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The Bible's Answer to Human Trafficking (Part 1)

By: Boaz Johnson | November 30, 2011

What does the Bible teach regarding the prevention of human trafficking? The answer to this question will depend on our answer to the next question. Is human trafficking just a recent phenomenon, or has it been a problem throughout human history? If we answer that yes—it has been a problem throughout human history, then we [...]

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The Culpability of the Church—When Silence is not "Golden"

By: Anne O. Weatherholt | October 26, 2011

One out of every three persons sitting in the pews or chairs in your church on Sunday morning is or has been a victim of domestic violence or knows someone who is currently facing violence. But despite this, domestic violence is one of the greatest sins we never talk about in church. Those who are [...]

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Words that Still Burn

By: Sarah Klatt | September 14, 2011

Crack the book that Re-rewrites history  And grow new eyes to  Legal injustice As a girl I watched  Color decide  The lines between human and not  Hit me  Like the whip he used on your back  Your blood flowed and your screams  Choked my sense  Of humanity  Like a millstone  Around my neck  Growing heavier  With [...]

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Reflections on Justice and Hope

By: Cecilia Yau | September 7, 2011

In patriarchy, not only is the misuse and abuse of power justified, it is also institutionalized. But the misuse and abuse of power is abominable to God. The prophet Isaiah wrote: “I have more than enough of burnt offerings…Stop bringing meaningless offerings…Take your evil deeds out of my sight!” (Isa. 1:11-16). Then he solemnly declared [...]

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How Hierarchy Leads to Abuse

By: Richard Howell | July 31, 2011

Cultures of hierarchy maintain authority by claiming ontological distinction. The power and dominance inherent in hierarchy, which directly conflict with ontological equality, perpetuates abuse. This session will examine the abuse that results from hierarchical human relationships and the biblical response to dominance.

No Will of My Own

By: Jon Zens | May 25, 2011

"Home-schooled girls do not need 'further' education; they should just prepare for being a wife and mother." "A daughter should stay at home and serve her father until he chooses a husband for her." "The daughter is a 'helpmeet' for her father." "Parents should never let their daughter be out of their sight." "Women should [...]

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Abuse: The Elephant in the Sanctuary

By: Mimi Haddad | April 6, 2011

We conclude our celebration of Women's History Month with a sober realization that the abuse of females is inseparable from the study of women's history, and also the history of Christians for Biblical Equality. Incorporated as a nonprofit in 1988, to advance the biblical basis for the shared leadership of males and females, within months we [...]

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