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Whose Prayers Count More?

By: Chelsea DeArmond | September 5, 2000

As I bowed my head to pray, I remember feeling disappointed that the pastor’s wife was praying with me instead of the pastor. Although she was a godly woman, I thought that somehow if he led me in prayer it would count more than his wife’s prayers. I wished that I could sneak [...]

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Hearing Aids For Husbands

By: Nils Swanson | September 5, 2000

Peter states what should be common sense: husbands, live with your wives in a considerate and respectful manner. He then goes on to say that if a husband does not do this, his relationship with God will suffer.

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Taste And See That God Is Good

By: Mimi Haddad | September 5, 2000

Egalitarians essentially face the same challenge encountered by the abolitionists and suffragists. Not only did they have to argue that the existing social structure was inferior and unbiblical, but they had to actually show that the new idea was superior and more closely aligned with Scripture.

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From Male Superiority To Mutual Submission

By: John R. Kohlenberger III | September 5, 2000

In his treatment of women as equals, Paul followed Jesus’ lead. Jesus defined servant-leadership in Matthew 20:28 (NRSV), “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many.”

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Is 'Woman' A Dirty Word?

By: Michelle D. Davison | September 5, 2000

“Lord, help me to know where you have gifted and motivated me to serve, so that I might be more fully used by you.” This had become my heart’s cry, yet as I began to sense the direction of the Lord in my life like never before, the doors of the church seemed to [...]

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Finding Freedom in a Fair God

By: Mary Duncan | September 5, 2000

Imagine my surprise after becoming a Christian to learn that God does not consider women to be equal with men! I grew up in a non-Christian home. My mother and father were divorced when I was a year old. Mom remarried when I was three years old, and subsequently had four more children by my [...]

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Called To Climb

By: Karen Lichlyter-Klein | September 5, 2000

A wise man once told me, “Chose carefully which hills you are willing to die on.” When I first heard that statement, I was not sure what it meant, but as years have passed, I now know well what that man intended to tell me. My story began as a 9-year-old girl growing up in [...]

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The Head Of The Wife?

By: Dorothy G. Stevens | September 5, 2000

"For the husband is the head of the wife, is that not what the Bible says?" my friend asked in all earnestness. "No," I replied, "that is not what the Bible says. Paul says that the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church. How is Christ the [...]

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Husbands, Respect Your Wives

By: Nils Swanson | June 6, 2000

When I have heard discussion about love and respect it is often applied as gender specific: a woman needs love, a man needs respect. But it isn’t that cut and dry. Men need to be loved as well, and women need to be respected, too. 

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My Mother in the Ministry

By: Dan Gentry Kent | June 5, 2000

When I was growing up in small towns in East Texas, I heard many a minister refer to some older man as his “father in the ministry.” It was only as I neared my own retirement that I realized that I had been blessed by a “mother in the ministry.” If you can have [...]

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