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Porn and Patriarchy: A Study in Power

By: Stephanie Georgieff | September 7, 2022

There is a distinct link between porn and patriarchy that is rooted in the abuse of power against women and girls. This link is all too clear in the lives of Roma women and girls.

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Porn’s Complicity in Abuse

By: Mimi Haddad | September 5, 2022

Research helps us see the link between porn use and the abuse of women and girls, particularly in the form of intimate partner violence and sex trafficking.

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Loss of the Assumptive World: Identifying Gaslighting in Evangelical Organizations

By: Erin M. Reynolds | May 26, 2022

Four lessons—on trust, silence, enabling, and power—to help evangelical organizations avoid gaslighting.

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New Voices: Power at the Cross: Invitation to the Sufferings of Christ with Dr. Diane Langberg

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Diane Langberg | February 11, 2022

This week on the New Voices thread, hosts Erin and Blake interview Dr. Diane Langberg on her new book, Redeeming Power: Understanding Authority and Abuse in the Church.

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New Voices: Ending Faux Egalitarianism with guest Tiffany Bluhm

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Tiffany Bluhm | January 14, 2022

This week on the New Voices thread, hosts Blake and Erin speak with Tiffany Bluhm about her book Prey Tell: Why We Silence Women Who Tell the Truth and How Everyone Can Speak Up

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Are We Continuing to Sideline Women in Conversations about Abuse?

By: Katherine Spearing | January 5, 2022

Even as egalitarians, our conversations about abuse in the church are often laced with patriarchy, centering men as authoritative even though they are not the primary victim.

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It’s Time to Empower the Mighty Gideon-Women of Ministry

By: Beth Barrett | November 17, 2021

The story of Gideon helps us understand why there aren’t more women in ministry. When God called Gideon, he was reluctant and anxious and in hiding—and a mighty warrior.

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The Psalm of Vengeance, the God Who Listens, and How I Learned to Forgive My Mother’s Abuser

By: Spencer Miles Boersma | October 31, 2021

Psalm 137 models for us prayer that can lead away from vengeance and toward forgiveness.

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He Made Her Play the Harlot: Judges 19 through the Lens of Domestic Abuse

By: Evelyn Sweerts-Vermeulen | July 31, 2021

The church cannot be trusted by those who are suffering to listen well until it has shown that it can speak well, addressing the issues in preaching and in the community.

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Women’s Equality and How Churches Respond to Abuse

By: CBE International | July 7, 2021

In a continuation of the second of several conversations sponsored by CBE and our 2021 Conference partners, Charles Read asked three conference speakers to consider how churches can better value women leaders.

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