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Mutuality Matters: Redeeming Paul—Part 1

By: Cynthia Long Westfall, Erin Moniz, Blake Dean | November 19, 2020

Join hosts Blake and Erin and guest Dr. Cynthia Westfall in their discussion about those verses that are always brought into question around gender theology. The conversation is so good, we had to break it into TWO parts!

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Mutuality Matters: Patriarchy Hurts Everyone

By: Eugene Hung, Erin Moniz, Blake Dean | November 12, 2020

The hosts and their guest, Eugene Hung, not only touch on Marvel's Agents of Shield and church youth group camp culture, but also unpack the "Man Box." The conversation also turns to intersectionality and gender-based violence.

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Mutuality Matters: Gender Roles + the Sexual Cartel

By: Carrie A. Miles, Erin Moniz, Blake Dean | September 30, 2020

Join hosts Erin and Blake and their special guest Carrie A. Miles as they walk through the often-overlooked sociological and anthropological context of gender in the Bible.

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Mutuality Matters: Can We Man It Up?

By: William G. Witt, Erin Moniz, Blake Dean | August 20, 2020

Erin and Blake interview Dr. William G. Witt, and they tackle some of the classic arguments you have been waiting for, passages like 2 Timothy 2. 

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Mutuality Matters: Why Didn't God Make Me a Boy so I Could be a Preacher?

By: Kristen Padilla, Erin Moniz, Blake Dean | July 23, 2020

Erin and Blake have a conversation with Kristen Padilla about theology of vocation and finding their calling while understanding the complex nature of women's leadership in the church.

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