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Women and Men Leading Together: What’s Next? Answering Your Questions with Layla and Rob

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon | April 12, 2024

This episode begins with news! Layla and Rob’s podcast thread is changing, from a solitary focus on how mixed-gender ministry partnerships work in the field to a wider discussion about how egalitarians can practically engage not just interpersonal dynamics, but systems, theology, culture, and more.

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Women and Words: Exploring Women’s Biblical Equality Through Bible Translation with Dr. Roy Ciampa

By: Mimi Haddad, Roy Ciampa | April 5, 2024

Dr. Ciampa discusses the significance of Bible translation in promoting women’s biblical equality, his background as a missionary, professor, and Bible translator, and the process translation teams undergo to resolve translation challenges.

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Women and Words: Translation Bias and How to Read the Bible Well with Dr. Roy Ciampa

By: Mimi Haddad, Roy Ciampa | March 8, 2024

Dr. Ciampa explores the complexity of Bible translation, through his experiences both as a translator and professor of Bible translation.

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Women and Words: “We All Read the Bible Through a Cultural Lens” with Dr. Diphus Chemorion

By: Mimi Haddad, Diphus C. Chemorion | February 9, 2024

Host Dr. Mimi Haddad continues her conversation with Dr. Diphus Chemorion, a member of CBE’s Bible translation Old Testament team. Dr. Chemorion states that the goal of CBE’s Gender Accurate Bible translation (GAB) is accuracy related to the dignity and agency of women and men.

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Women and Men Leading Together: Picking Up the Weight Together with Scott Sinner and Bekah Townsend

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon, Rebekah Townsend, Scott Sinner | January 26, 2024

 Pastor Sinner and Pastor Bekah Townsend tell Layla and Rob how they live out shared leadership with an emphasis on a clear vision, a foundation of trust, and a commitment to engage one another with vulnerability and grace. Come learn from Scott and Bekah as they tell us how they “pick up the weight together!” 

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Global Impact: Partnering with Courtship and Marriage Foundation in Zimbabwe, Africa with Rev. Herbert Mazonde

By: Mimi Haddad, Kimberly Dickson, Herbert Mazonde | January 2, 2024

Mimi and Kim discuss CBE’s partnership with Rev. Herbert Mazonde as he works to restore the church to the heart of God with women and men working in partnership and mutuality.

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Women and Men Leading Together: “Call Her What She Is” with Maddie Cummings and Brooke Pland

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon, Maddie Cummings, Brooke Pland | October 27, 2023

In this episode, Layla and Rob sit down with InterVarsity colleagues Brooke Pland and Maddie Cummings to get a sense of Gen. Z’s perspective on women and men partnering together in ministry. 

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New Voices: Equity in the Christian Workplace with Eeva Simard and Beth Birmingham

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Eeva Sallinen Simard, Beth Birmingham | August 11, 2023

Blake and Erin talk with Eeva Simard and Beth Birmingham about their practical book on organizational leadership and gender equality: Creating Cultures of Belonging: Cultivating Organizations Where Women and Men Thrive  

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Women and Men Leading Together: An Irresistible Vision with Wendy Wilson

By: Layla Van Gerpen, Rob Dixon, Wendy Wilson | July 28, 2023

Wendy Wilson, mission advisor for the Development of Women for Missio Nexus. In this episode, Wendy challenges the church to awaken to that vision, and she provides one way to get there: safe, experiential spaces to talk about the theology and practice of mixed-gender ministry partnership. 

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New Voices: Us Bearing God’s Image, Not God Bearing Ours with Dr. Lucy Peppiatt 

By: Erin Moniz, Blake Dean, Lucy Peppiatt | June 16, 2023

Both complementarians and egalitarians have cited the doctrine of the imago Dei in the early chapters of Genesis as a cornerstone for their theology on women and men. Blake and Erin talk with Dr. Lucy Peppiatt about her book, The Imago Dei: Humanity Made in the Image of God. 

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