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Humility: The Path for Male-Female Relationships

By: John McKinley | April 29, 2024

John McKinley proposes that Christlike humility such as was practiced by the NT church is the means by which abusive male-female power relations can be deconstructed.

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The Image of God as a Statement of Mutuality: An Illustration

By: Aaron K. Husband | April 29, 2024

Aaron Husband explains, using the analogy of a male-female pair appointed as co-directors of a Christian event, how the complementarian hierarchical position is incompatible with the concept of humanity—male and female—as bearers of the divine image.

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Victim Blaming and the David and Bathsheba Narrative

By: J. Dwayne Howell | April 29, 2024

Dwayne Howell illustrates through the story of Bathsheba and David how social power structures result in exploitation, and questions the reading of Bathsheba—influenced by hierarchy—that seeks to blame the victim and absolve the perpetrator.

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Women and Men: A Biblical and Theological Perspective

By: Ian Payne | April 29, 2024

Ian Payne teases out the threads that constitute the equality of women and men, through the imago Dei, both at creation and in the reality of the new creation that Christ brings us into.

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Hierarchy and the Biblical Worldview

By: Alan Myatt | April 29, 2024

Alan Myatt proposes that hierarchical thinking in Christian theology, especially as it endorses the superiority of the male over the female, reflects the Greek philosophical concept of The Great Chain of Being.

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Editor's Reflection: Spring 2024

By: Havilah Dharamraj | April 29, 2024

The spring issue of Priscilla Papers examines how abusive and exploitative power relations between women and men result from thinking in hierarchies, and can be deconstructed through an understanding of humankind, male and female, as bearers of God’s image.

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Christian Baptism as the Gender-Inclusive Covenant Sign

By: Jennifer Anne Cox | January 31, 2024

The gendered identity marker of the community of faith in the Old Testament (circumcision) was replaced by a gender-neutral one in the New Testament (baptism), opening the doors to a concrete practice of egalitarian theology by way of women in leadership.

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Born into God’s Kingdom: A Sermon on John 3:1–21

By: Juliann Bullock | January 31, 2024

John’s theologically weighty metaphor of rebirth is insightfully feminine, underlining the Christian’s dependence on God.

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Pentecostal Women Leaders: The Interplay of Egalitarian Theology, Feminism, and Pentecostalism

By: Anna Morgan | January 31, 2024

John’s theologically weighty metaphor of rebirth is insightfully feminine, underlining the Christian’s dependence on God.

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Editor's Reflection: Winter 2024

By: Havilah Dharamraj | January 31, 2024

The winter issue of Priscilla Papers includes six articles that examine the unique contributions women have made to Christian theology, academia, and the church. 

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Topics: Editorial