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Book Review: The Struggle to Stay: Why Single Evangelical Women Are Leaving the Church

By: Emma Feyas | February 14, 2024

 The Struggle to Stay sheds light on why women are leaving evangelical churches through real stories and research.

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When Is Teaching Not Teaching?

By: Sue Sutherland | February 8, 2024

Women often are held back from speaking at the pulpit because they would be "teaching" men in complementarian contexts. Isn't it teaching, no matter what context one is in? This led one woman to ask, "When is teaching not teaching?" She found that the Bible encourages women to use their gifts of teaching, and gives [...]

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"Consider Getting an MDiv": Seminary Education, Double Standards, and Women in Ministry

By: Liz Cooledge Jenkins | February 1, 2024

Some women feel called to get more education, while others find education is required for pastoral positions despite their male counterparts having none. This is just one double standard many women face in pastoral ministry, and it often leads to further barriers to ministry, such as crippling debt.

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Pastor But Not Elder: A Lamentful Response and Way Forward

By: Kristin Lassen | January 25, 2024

Women often feel stuck when churches make decisions that are a small step towards Biblical equality but are just not quite there yet. When this happens, how should egalitarians respond? One woman answers: lament. 

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4 Ways Complementarian Churches Can Be Better for Women

By: Chesna Hinkley | January 18, 2024

Many complementarians want to respect women’s needs and stories and benefit more concretely from their insights, but are not sure how to begin moving in that direction. I used to leave church in frustration every week because of the implicit marginalization on display in services. A childhood, or lifetime, of watching women pushed further [...]

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The Pink Mic: A Token of Sexism in Churches

By: Joann Rachel Cherian | January 11, 2024

In complementarian settings, women often face sexism that goes unnoticed. For some women, this sexism looks like degrading jokes from the pulpit; for others, sexism looks like a pink microphone. 

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Upside-down Kingdom Authority

By: Lauren Mulford | January 4, 2024

Complementarians talk a lot about authority. It's essential to their understanding of patriarchal order in the home, church, and the world. But is that order of authority really what God intended? What if Jesus came to turn that understanding of authority upside-down? 

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Complementarian Theology Pits Husbands and Wives Against Each Other

By: Mary Bell | December 28, 2023

What happens when complementarianism teaches a man to be the final authority and have his children under his control? Husbands and wives are pit against each other as they attempt to do what's best for their kids and their marriage. 

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Mutuality Blog's Top 10 Articles of 2023

By: CBE International | December 21, 2023

In celebration of another year coming to its end, here are the top ten Mutuality Blog articles readers engaged with most in 2023.

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Good News for the Poor in Spirit

By: Susan McLeod-Harrison | December 20, 2023

Jesus’ power to relieve oppression points to Jesus’ authority, a byproduct of power. The crowds often recognize the authority of Jesus’ words (e.g. Luke 4:32)

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