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Reframing: An Architectural Design Thinking Process of 1 Corinthians 11:11-12

By: Gricel Medina | July 20, 2017

How can we better serve and inform a growing diverse community with an egalitarian theology message that is clearly understood? What are better ways to create bridges of conversation that are not intrusive or divisive?

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Busting The Gender Box: The Abolition of Sex-Based Hierarchy and Men's Violence

By: Rebecca Kotz | July 20, 2017

How does gender breed violence, and what can we do to change this?

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Saturday Devotions with Taffi Dollar

By: Taffi Dollar | July 21, 2017

Taffi Dollar's devotion at CBE's 2017 "Mutual by Design" conference.

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Type: Video
Topics: Sermons

Women and Their Roles in the New Testament

By: Ben Witherington III | July 21, 2017

This lecture examines all the major passages that address women and their roles in the church and in society.

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The Story of Us: Why Talking about Mutuality Matters

By: Joy J. Moore | July 21, 2017

This seminar rehearses the narratives of Christian Scripture with its theological impact for challenging the practices of gender bias that have subverted the Christian imagination. 

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Bible Translation and Gender, Successes and Challenges

By: Aloo Mojola | July 22, 2017

This workshop reflects on and discusses the complex role of Bible translation in the dissemination of the good news of our salvation and liberation, and in championing gender equality. 

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Type: Video

Adventures in Sexist Hermeneutics

By: Jamin Hübner | July 22, 2017

In this lecture, Dr. Hübner outlines vivid examples of when biblical exegesis goes south because of an agenda to discriminate against women and maintain male dominance. 

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Pay it Forward: Wise Stewardship, Creative Giving, and Estate Planning

By: Steve J. Baker | July 23, 2017

In this session, we will look at how we can be creative in ways we support ministries and participate in building God’s kingdom. We will also explore how we can increase our support of ministries while also providing for loved ones.

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Type: Audio

Women’s Leadership throughout Church History: Following the Teachings and Examples of Paul

By: Mimi Haddad | July 23, 2017

Sadly, those who cite Paul as an opponent of women's equality overlook the many examples of women leaders building the church beside the apostle. This workshop will show how 1 Timothy 2:11-15 and 1 Corinthians 14:34-35 are eddies off the stream of Paul’s egalitarian teachings and practices.

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In It Together: Widening Our Reach and Our Message

By: Gricel Medina | July 23, 2017

How to be more intentional, relevant, and strategic in the way we reach a multi-cultural community. Discover ways you can expand the dialogue to reach a more diverse audience. 

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