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Advancing Biblical Equality through Local Churches and CBE Chapters

By: Jeannette Cochran | August 4, 2019

This session shares principles and practical actions you can take to advance biblical equality through local CBE chapters and your circle of influence.

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Type: Audio

Understanding Double Abuse® and its Consequences

By: Annette Oltmans | August 4, 2019

Double Abuse® exacerbates trauma caused by original abuse and can lead a victim to develop complex trauma, or Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD). This breakout session takes a look at this complicated topic.  

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Type: Audio
Topics: Abuse

Theological Malpractice Stands Culpable in Sexual Abuse

By: Mitch Randall | August 4, 2019

Dr. R. Mitch Randall argues the church must accept responsibility for their part in creating the environment where sexual abuse thrived because the church's teaching of female subservience established male dominance in the culture. .

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Type: Audio
Topics: Abuse, Patriarchy

What's a Man to Do?

By: Eugene Hung | August 4, 2019

In this workshop, former UC Irvine violence prevention educator Eugene Hung discusses ways that men can promote healthy masculinity and stop violence in college settings.

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Artemis of the Ephesians in First-Century Ephesus and Ramifications for How We Read 1 Timothy

By: Sandra Glahn | August 3, 2019

Who was Artemis Ephesia at the time of the earliest Christians, and what, if any, ramifications are there for how we understand 1 Timothy?

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Type: Audio
Topics: 1 Timothy

Women's Leadership at the Highest Level: Plateaus and Pitfalls

By: Shirley Mullen | August 3, 2019

In this workshop, Shirley Mullen explores the extraordinary potential women bring to leadership contexts, both because of gender socialization and individual giftedness.

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Pornography for Profit: The Link to Sex Trafficking

By: Sandra Morgan | August 3, 2019

This workshop explores pornography in the context of sex trafficking as a cycle of abuse driven by demand and fueled by greed.

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Type: Audio
Topics: Abuse, Pornography

When Women Succeed at Work, Everyone Benefits. Why Don't We Let Them?

By: Eeva Sallinen Simard | August 3, 2019

This workshop explores the mutual prosperity of men and women in organizations when women succeed at work and gain a seat around the table.

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Who's Talking & Who's Listening: Using Muted Group Theory to Enhance Interactions Between Churches and Marginalized Women

By: Linda Lee Smith Barkman | August 3, 2019

In this workshop, Muted Group Theory (MGT) is presented as a tool for explaining and promoting communication between churches and marginalized women. 

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Type: Audio

Introduction to Egalitarian Marriage

By: Sarah Ago | August 3, 2019

This workshop builds a foundation for anyone who is new to the idea of egalitarian marriage, beginning with God’s original design as described in Genesis 1 and 2 and how the fall in Genesis 3 changes the dynamic of how relationships are lived out. 

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