Discover the CBE recordings below that delve into the topic of women’s leadership in the church:

Women’s Leadership at the Highest Level: Plateaus and Pitfalls

Shirley Mullen •  2019 “Created to Thrive” CBE International Conference

In this workshop, Shirley Mullen explores the extraordinary potential women bring to leadership contexts, both because of gender socialization and individual giftedness. Shirley also discusses how women can steward leadership to promote flourishing communities and organizations.

Advancing Women Into Leadership: Why This Matters and How to Reach that Goal

Karen Longman •  2015 “Becoming New” CBE International Conference

This lecture draws from the latest leadership literature to make a compelling case for the importance of advancing more women into leadership by addressing both internal and external deterrents. This lecture also examines what works to overcome the “stained glass ceiling” by enhancing women’s leadership self-efficacy, particularly within Christian subcultures that often limit their potential and opportunities.

Creating A Paradigm Shift in Denominational Practices

Frank Stevenson •  2015 “Becoming New” CBE International Conference

Examines practical approaches to systemically reverse the historical trend of sexism in the church.

Pastors’ Panel

Eugene Cho, Anne Zaki, and Adelita Garza •  2015 “Becoming New” CBE International Conference

Each pastor faces unique challenges in fostering communities where God’s gifting in women and men can flourish.

Take Every Thought Captive to Christ: Ideas Have Consequences

Mimi Haddad  •  July 26, 2013

The most important indicator of whether a female will be sold to a brother, killed as a fetus, abused in her marriage or family, or denied a place of shared decision making in her community or marriage, is not determined by gender, but on the value we place on females. This lecture explores how our reading of Scripture on gender creates a worldview with enormous consequences for females, especially in patriarchal cultures.

Women’s Ordination as Pastors: A Middle Eastern Perspective

Anne Zaki  •  2015 “Becoming New” CBE International Conference

Explores the most prominent biblical, historical, and cultural arguments presented by both sides in the discussion around the ordination of women as pastors in Egypt.

Misogyny in the Church

Eugene Cho  •  2015 “Becoming New” CBE International Conference

It’s not an exaggeration to say that misogyny is a matter of life and death. Our theology impacts women and men all around the world. Every woman is made in the image of God!

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