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Stay at Home Dads

I’ve known Jack for many years.  He is married to a woman named Geraldine, whom I have known since I was ten.  Jack is what people consider a man’s man.  He loves football, action movies, video games and would totally run in the opposite direction of a romantic comedy if

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Our Dual-Career Family

Ours is a dual-career family. We value family and are devoted to our children, their well-being, and development. We are also devoted to the well-being and continued development of each other as the adult members of this family. While commitment to family values can be effectively lived out in a

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Freeing Women to Pursue Diverse Callings

Recently, a friend of mine was asked why she chose to work, and not stay home full-time with her child, even though her husband makes enough money to support their family. The question is unsurprising given the ongoing pressure on Christian women to prioritize home and family over career. It

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