Prayerfully consider the following questions and write down your answers:


What is your church teaching about biblical motherhood? Biblical fatherhood? Are there differences in what makes a good mom versus what makes a good dad? What does your church teach about working outside the home? Working inside the home? Are teachings/sermons designed assuming all women or all men do or do not work outside the home? What is the impact of this assumption?


Is there a mom’s/dad’s ministry? Is there a men’s and women’s Bible study or prayer group? Are the meetings/activities scheduled at convenient times for those who work outside the home as for those who don’t? Is there a place for stay-at-home dads to receive support?


What are other examples in your church of women or men who are engaged in vocations not fitting traditional gender roles?


How is the church offering support for non-traditional work to which men or women are called? Have you asked them if they feel supported or what they might need to feel supported?


How is your church ministering to singles? What teaching are they receiving about their identity as singles? Is the teaching different depending on gender? If it is, does Scripture support the different teachings offered?

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