Prayerfully consider the following questions and write down your answers:


What wounds have been inflicted by patriarchy in the historical church? In your church?


Are there stories or examples from women in your church or organization who felt belittled, stymied, or held back from being what or who God made them to be?


Are there stories or examples of women in your church or organization who have been affected by purity culture? Expectations for dress? How has it affected their sense of self and their sense of God?


Have leaders been trained to minister to survivors of abuse/trauma/harassment? Has time been taken to address, discuss, and teach on the impact of patriarchy on women in the church?


If women have expressed feelings of unsafety, how have leaders responded? Are women thought to be over-reacting or overly sensitive? What is your church’s procedure for responding to reports of abuse or harassment?


Are small groups, youth retreats, and one on one sesions safe for women and girls? Do you require screening (not just background checks, but also references from previous employers, etc.) for volunteers/leaders? What safety mechanisms are in place to prevent abuse or harassment? If a staff or church member has a known history of abuse or harassment, how are others protected?


Is there a program to address healing or reconciliation of those affected by unhealthy theology in their history/history of the church? If not, when will you take time to consider that? How will you engage women and men in grief/lament, healing, and reconciliation?

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