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Imagine a medium-sized room filled with high school boys and girls. You sit with your friends laughing and joking, discussing the week while the band sets up their equipment. Welcome to high school youth group. Tonight’s message: modesty. The boys are escorted off to another room for this conversation—modesty is

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Egalitarianism Is For Men, Too

“So, what do you do?” I never used to have a problem answering this question. “I’m a retail manager,” I would respond, having been one for most of my adult life. But now, it’s not so easy. I find my mind wandering when I get asked that question. What do I do?

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Defending My Daughters Against Rape Culture

Many a father of daughters has asked himself, “With all the terrible things that happen to women and girls in the world, how can I keep my girls safe?” Given that I’m a women’s rights activist, this question may occur to me more often than it does to other dads.

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