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How to Find an (Egalitarian) Therapist

Submitted by Mary Lou Wiley on Wed, 08/05/2020 - 14:37

With the pervasive anxiety due to our current cultural climate, many experts predict that mental illness will be the next pandemic. Mental health therapy can be helpful to address both everyday difficulties, as well as mental disorders, but many people don’t know how to find a good therapist, or what to look for. The majority of licensed mental health professionals are well trained to treat depression, anxiety, mood disorders, and can help with relationship issues and life transitions.

2020 CBE Writing Contest—Write for Women’s Equality!

Submitted by Mary Lou Wiley on Wed, 07/15/2020 - 17:00

For the fourth year in a row, CBE is holding our very popular annual writing contest! We’re passionate about giving everyone in our community an opportunity to use their gifts to dismantle theological patriarchy in the home, church, and world. This contest is designed to give those passionate about biblical gender equality/egalitarian theology/Christian feminism a platform to share their stories and insights. 

Are Men Talking Too Much?

Submitted by Mary Lou Wiley on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 14:50

I once had a conversation with a friend, Susan (name has been changed), who had done an experiment in a meeting with several colleagues. They were all on the same level in the hierarchy of their organization, but Susan had observed something about gender dynamics in their meetings. Despite men making up less than 50 percent of the members of the meetings, they were taking up far more than 50 percent of the time given to people voicing ideas.

Theology and Human Flourishing

Submitted by Margaret on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 11:21

The most prominent indicator of whether a female will be trafficked, killed as a fetus, abused in her family, or denied food, healthcare, legal support, or an education is not her gender but the value a society attributes to females compared to males. Known as the girl effect, researchers show that when communities esteem both males and females and invest in their potential equally, these communities are less likely to encounter suffering and are more likely to enjoy flourishing.

Pandita Ramabai’s Legacy: How Gender-Conscious Bible Translation Impacts Christian Ministry

Submitted by Margaret on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 10:57

In 1989, the government of India issued a stamp finally acknowledging a woman that Hindu India did not want to recognize. Her name was Pandita Ramabai (1858–1922), and this stamp was issued on the one hundredth anniversary of the founding of the Mukti Mission, a place of refuge she founded in 1889 for low-caste and outcaste girls who were trafficked and abused. I would like to introduce some thoughts on Ramabai’s work during the great bubonic plague pandemic which struck the world, and especially India, between 1896 and 1918.

Jesus Didn’t Die for Marriage: Why Churches Need to Address Domestic Violence

Submitted by Margaret on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 10:39

On the night he attacked me, I was strangled to unconsciousness. My friend came round and saw my burst blood vessels in my face, and I was still in shock. She took me to the vicarage, and I was asked, ‘So did you have an argument then?’ . . . The following Sunday the bruising around my eyes had come up. No one at church asked me if I was OK. —Susie (name changed, and story shared with permission) 

Was Love the Motive for Women’s Silence in 1 Corinthians 14:34–35? A Lawyer’s Study

Submitted by Margaret on Thu, 06/25/2020 - 10:14

My professional career as a lawyer has influenced the way that I read the Bible. Lawyers investigate human behavior like scientists investigate the natural world, looking for the explanation that best fits all the available data. What happens when we apply that approach to the puzzle of 1 Corinthians 14:34–35? These verses say, “The women should be silent in the assemblies. For it is not permitted to them to speak but they should be put in subjection as also the Law says.