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Book Review: I Will Follow Jesus: Bible Storybook

I Will Follow Jesus

With many versions of the Bible for children, Judah and Chelsea Smith add a creative new twist to Bible stories. Each story in I Will Follow Jesus: Storybook Bible is retold in an accurate and child- friendly way. Stories are accompanied by a short lesson that relates the Bible to a child's life and experiences. Each application emphasizes the main idea and relates it to the feelings and experiences a child would have. In this way, the Storybook Bible brings the truth of the Bible into a child's life with realistic relevancy and demonstrates that God works in the lives of everyone at all times.

In addition to the story and application, there is a short prayer for each idea being conveyed. The prayers are written in a way that teaches children that God is always with us, listening to us, and helping us in all of life. The stories, applications, and prayer pages are also accompanied by charming illustrations which give another method for children to connect with the story. These drawings show diversity in age and race, further allowing children to identify with and see God as the God of all people.

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