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The Genesis of Equality (Finnish, English)

Kevin Giles: The Genesis of Equality

Theologians are generally agreed that Genesis chapters 1 to 3 are foundational to biblical revelation, and in particular to a right understanding of the male-female relationship. For centuries male theologians living a in a culture that assumed that men are "superior," women "inferior," read Genesis 2 to be teaching just this. Woman was created second, and is thus second in rank, woman was made as man's subordinate helper and women need male leadership because like Eve they are easily deceived and more prone to sin. So-called contemporary "complementarians" still believe these things but their wording is more euphemistic. God in creation has simply given "different roles" to men and women. In the last thirty or so years Old Testament scholars have overwhelmingly agreed that the traditional interpretation of Genesis 2 was a reading into the text of what was already believed. Today, most commentators on Genesis and Pope John Paul II in a binding encyclical on all Roman Catholics, conclude that in God's good creation man and woman stand side by side, equal in status, dignity and leadership ability; the fall is entirely the cause of women's subordination. It is not good and should be opposed by Christians.  

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