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A Passion for Scripture, Evangelism, and Human Equality

A Passion For Scripture, Evangelism, and Human Equality: Mimi Haddad by CBE International

Historians characterize evangelicals of the 1800s by their commitment to and passion for Scripture, evangelism, missions, and social action (suffrage, abolition, and women’s leadership in the church). Through their dedication to these ideals, the early evangelicals made significant contributions to missions and the emancipation of slaves, and they also offered a comprehensive biblical foundation for the gospel-service of women. This lecture will explore their leaders, their biblical scholarship, their accomplishments on the mission field, and their work as abolitionists and emancipators of women’s gospel leadership.

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Barring women from using their God-given talents is an injustice that diminishes the gospel and its impact in the world. CBE International works to inspire and mobilize Christians with the Bible’s call for women and men to co-lead and co-serve as equals.

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