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Walk in the Garden

“and the two shall become one flesh”

Won’t you walk in the Garden with me,
And see me as Christ would see?
With me loving you and you loving me,
Won’t you walk in the Garden with me?

Don’t you ever get tired of playing the game?
These man/woman arguments—always the same.
Who is the head and who is the tail?
Have we concluded or have we just failed?

Failed because there is no love
When we start to speak of below and above
Of ruler and servant, of king and page—
Christ ushered us into a much better age.

For he paid the price to restore us to one
Shedding his blood on the cross as God’s Son
And if we’ll accept it, we’ll begin to achieve
The glory intended for Adam and Eve.

The glory—the splendor—of Adam and Eve
In Eden—together—as God ‘one’ had weaved
To raise up a family and tend to the land,
Together as one—with inseparable stand.

We, too, can be one, as those two once were,
Original intention within us now stirred,
Restoration by Christ to original call,
If we’ll just believe and come out from the Fall.

So come walk in the Garden with me,
And see me as Christ would see
With me loving you, and you loving me
Please come walk in the Garden with me.

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