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Today I Am a Rebel

Today, I am a rebel.

I forget about the laundry and dishes.

I turn all my phones to silent

And write.

Yesterday, I cared what others thought.

I primped and prepped to please.

I scrubbed in detail on my knees

For what?

Today, I am a rebel.

I get angry at the ways of the world,

At those who have hurt others, who have hurt me

And cry.

Yesterday, I cared what others thought.

I watched what I said in order not to insult.

I watched what I did so that I might be liked.

I hid reality, and died a little inside.

I have realized

It takes time to regrow what has died.

Work must be done, hard and painful at times.

Love what has been lost,

and watch it bloom again in a different shade of purple.

Cultivation, imagination, and commitment.

I am changing the patterns of old in the minutes of now.

Today, I am a rebel.

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