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The Game…The Road

©Alice Movius Painter 1984 

There seems to be a game – that you must play, if you would rise.

There seems to be a game – and with it lots of compromise

You live to impress others, and you're as slick as you can be.

But, where – oh, where – are perfect hearts, and deep sincerity? 

There seems to be a game – if you would rise up to the top.

Be funny – always funny – or they say that you will flop.

Be polished and professional – yes, that's the way to be.

But, where – oh, where – is power, and where's integrity?

There seems to be a game – and if you want to get ahead,

You have to bypass God's way, and choose the world's instead.

You must be superficial – and light as you can be.

But, where – oh, where – is depth, and where's profundity?

There seems to be a way – that you can make yourself a star.

Just boast of your achievements – tell how wonderful you are.

Be full of self-importance – yes, that's the way be be.

But. where – oh, where – is truth, and where's humility?

I cannot say it's wrong – but to myself I must be true,

and to my God – who says, "My child, it's servanthood for you."

He's called me to the lowly road – it’s paved with peace and love.

Rewards will come – in their own time – and praise from God above.

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