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A Psalm for Mary

Abstract painting of Mary holding baby Jesus.

Favored is she who relies on God.
            She trusts without full understanding.
            She expects His will to triumph.
Confident is she who knows the Lord.
            She is not deceived by man nor crowd.
            She walks alone.
You have made her productive.
            She brings forth life.
            She births.
O God, who gives birth to nations,
            Who births again to new life,
            You have shared your likeness with her.
            She bears your image.
Let those who would harm her form be shamed.
            As her body is broken, let them be destroyed.
            As her blood is loosed, take note and serve justice.
She who suffers is not without privilege.
            Her faith is not finite.
            Her reward is not shared.
            Her hope is not awry.
In death, she does not die.

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