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Epitaph (to a woman of noble character)

I saw

The head

Of she whom

I have clothed

With dignity

And strength



I saw

The praise

Of she who endows

Her husband

With respect

And wealth



I saw

The hands

Of she who bestows

Value and

Good on

Her beloved



I saw

The works

Of she who rises

At dawn to

Lead her household

In love



I saw

The heart

Of she who opens

Her arms

To the poor

And needy



I saw

The mouth

Of she who speaks

Words of

Ancient wisdom

And teaching



And I wept;

For in that precious jewel,

In that burning lamp,

In that blessed image,

I also saw Him.

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Barring women from using their God-given talents is an injustice that diminishes the gospel and its impact in the world. CBE International works to inspire and mobilize Christians with the Bible’s call for women and men to co-lead and co-serve as equals.

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