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The Truth Be Told International Conference, opening night on Wednesday 14 September 2016. Featuring speakers Ps Ray McCauley and special guest Advocate Thuli Madonsela Read more
The status quo typically favors one group over another. So if the way things are will never change until Christ returns, those experiencing oppression and marginality today struggle to believe that the gospel is truly Good News for all. Christ calls us to live today as a preview of what will be true for all eternity. Read more
God's nature and personality, revealed through Jesus, become a decoder ring to understanding new creation realities in relationships and roles between men and women. The Trinitarian dynamics of honor and co-regency illustrate to us the new creation order, its ethos, and its purpose in displaying God's glory now, as we live in kingdom culture in a rogue, decaying world. Read more
Human beings are not computers and we make up our minds about issues like gender on a variety of grounds in a variety of ways. This lecture outlines some fundamental issues we must not forget about how people think, and concludes with some practical suggestions about how we should, and shouldn't, argue for biblical equality. Read more
It's not an exaggeration to say that misogyny is a matter of life and death. Our theology impacts women and men all around the world. Every woman is made in the image of God! Read more
Explores the most prominent biblical, historical, and cultural arguments presented by both sides in the discussion around the ordination of women as pastors in Egypt. Read more
Silence, Women, and the Church Read more
Male and Female in Christ Read more
Silence, Women, and the Church (Spanish) Read more
Women and Ministry in the Old Testament  Read more