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As we celebrate the strong and faithful examples of many women in the Bible, we also recognize that their stories have too often been left untold.  Read more
I have known enough saints to know they fall just like the rest of us. They fail to see the mud globbed on their feet and leave their footprints on the Persian rugs. They slurp their shakes. Read more
Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, I came to the tomb. I came alone in that time before dawn, when fear and doubt get the best of us, and when God seems farthest away. I came to make closure, like so many of us have had to do in our lives. I came to say goodbye and to let go.  Read more
“Harm, fairness, community (or group loyalty), authority and purity…these are the primary colors of our moral sense. Not only do they keep reappearing in cross-cultural surveys, but each one tugs on the moral intuitions of people in our own culture.”* * Quoted from “The Moral Instinct” by Peter Singer, New York Times, 2006. Read more
I first started getting crowns at prayer retreats when I was far too old for them—that is, my freshman year of college. All of a sudden, it seemed that paper crowns were everywhere in the Christian community, distributed to women with a discussion about how we are all princesses. It was a candy-coated, conviction-free reminder I got every time I walked into a women’s discipleship group, youth ministry, or Christian bookstore—you are a princess because your Father is a king. Read more
The glow of the moon leaves cold circles of light on the rooftop of the Pharisee’s home.     He has waited for the darkest part of the night to meet with his guest. He often goes to          great lengths to avoid the prying eyes of self-righteous neighbors.              Eagerly, he converses with the visiting Teacher. Read more
It’s the gown that weighed her down The costume she wore was the cause for her to drown “She slipped,” they say but she didn’t leave the water “She was mad,” they say, “did it herself.” but for this demise, someone’s to blame Read more
Long ago, my mother sought to teach a shirt to iron itself. Read more
they have come like warriors an army blackening the land wheat and barley vineyards devouring every leaf and branch Read more
Fall fountains of sun brimming Bronze leaves burning In summer’s dying light But not yet Her aged hands hold on For one more day In the apple orchard Where it all ended anyway Read more