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On the corner of Sidney Street and 7th Avenue, just past Sean’s Shoe Shine Chateau and Betty’s Bakery, is a building at least a hundred stories high with windows all the way up. Just above the green awning is a three-foot sign which reads, “Mr. Allister’s Advertisement Factory.” If you go inside this building, you will see that it is divided into thousands of rectangular rooms, each dedicated to advertising a certain product.  Read more
Being married to her is the greatest happiness a man could feel. I could never love anyone more. My only desire is to love her and provide for her. I have made sacrifices for her, but she is worth every single one. I always want to be there for her. I want to save and protect her. I want to shield her from worldly dangers. She is my woman, and I want to be her man. I want to take the burdens away from her. I want to handle all the stresses of life for her. I will make the tough decisions. I don’t want her to have to worry about anything outside our home. I want to give her the perfect family and a life where she can just be a wife and a mother to our two boys. I want to give her everything. Read more
To Pastor Greg, From Lakedale Community Elder Board To Pastor Greg (Dad), From your daughter Shepherd, Instructor, Director. Father, lead in righteousness. Read, teach, command. We have gone astray. Father, take the hand of the people. Read more
From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I (Ps. 61:2). Have I known a prophet? Yes. I have heard her speak the wisdom of ages And of a love that promises to heal this broken world. Read more
We often ask, “Why does God let abuse happen?” But I think the Lord may be asking the church, “Why do you allow it?” Martin Luther King, Jr. said that if there is one thing this generation should repent of, it’s the chilling silence of those who call themselves righteous. –Dr. José Vinces Read more
My daughter, As I'm writing this, I am watching you in the corner of my eye, eating blueberries. You look at me in between stuffing your mouth with a chubby handful and you laugh with great delight. I want you to stay this way forever—one and a half years old, toddling around, fearless, determined to discover everything you can about the world, confident that you are safe because of our love, and appreciative of all the sweet things God has created for us to enjoy. But I know that time will pass and things may change.  Read more
Sara and I wanted to write a letter to you about something we don’t often talk about: pornography. If you are anything like me, you were introduced to pornography at a fairly young age. You may view pornography as normal and just as something that men and boys look at (whether it’s videos or photographs). You may believe it exists because guys need it. I engaged in pornography and masturbation because it felt good and I then justified this behavior with the belief that guys need to release the hormonal/sexual tension that arises in them. Yet, like me, you may also see this as an embarrassing and addictive behavior. But what you probably don’t fully realize is the distorted view pornography gives you of women and how it hurts not only them, but you as well.  Read more
A veil, invisible Though deeply felt Has been wrapped around me, Covering me,  Restricting me, Binding my hands and my feet, Denying me freedom. It has been Stretched across my face, Silencing me, Suffocating me, Impeding my vision. And I am told This condition, This imprisonment, Is because of my sex; For I was deliberately Created less, A servant to the master race, Half image, Helper, One more beast of the field For Adam to rule. Read more
When I talk to complementarians about biblical equality, they all seem to believe that men and women are created equal in being, but that women are subordinate in role to men. They read the Scriptures and see hierarchy translating into family life where the husband is the primary leader, and has authority over his wife. It is the husband’s responsibility, they say, to make the final decisions for everything regarding the life of the family, and his wife is to graciously submit herself to his authority. Using the same passages they cite, I try to show them that mutual submission is God’s ideal translating into a constant and seamless flow of co-leadership and mutual agreement between husband and wife. Read more
The bright, Guatemalan, morning sunshine heats the interior of the van we are riding in to stiflingly high temperatures as we pull away from the turquoise building where we ate and slept every day last week. I look back, out the window, past the heads of the people next to me, and try to put everything into my head, so I will remember it forever.   Read more